Burkhardt GmbH Maschinen- und Metallbau has been a family business ever since Harald Burkhardt founded it in 1990.

What started as a spin-off from the former leather factory in Hirschberg more than 30 years ago aims to continue its success in future. The company is now managed by Heiko Ruck, who took over Burkhardt GmbH Maschinen- und Metallbau from its founder in January 2021.

This corporate success story has only been possible for such a long time because we know that our most important asset is our employees.

Their motivation, their technical knowledge and their willingness to perform are the priceless mainstay of our company. We view each individual employee as a valuable part of our firm. We can only produce what distinguishes our company in our customers’ eyes through their commitment to:

  • quality, through our expertise and by using modern technology,
  • service, by reliably providing services related to every aspect of our products and
  • satisfaction for our customers and employees.

This is the standard that we aim to meet so that our customers in the local region, Germany and Europe continue to appreciate us as a competent partner in future, too.